The anti-waste law provides for a gradual phasing out of single-use plastics. Anticipate the deadline, opt for sustainable packaging! There are many innovative alternatives available, such as beet-based floral packaging.

As a retailer, you now have no choice but to limit your ecological impact. By opting, for example, for sustainable packaging, which is increasingly favored by environmentally conscious consumers, you can gain an advantage. Responding to these new needs expressed by buyers will improve your brand image and set you apart from your competitors.

Changing Consumer Expectations

All studies confirm that sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers. In Europe, three-quarters of them would even be willing to pay more for products with more environmentally friendly packaging. Take advantage of this to gain points: switch to eco-packaging in your business! By meeting these new needs expressed by buyers, you will improve your brand image and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Beet paper packaging as an ecological solution?

Recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, and durable… Kraft paper already has all the qualities of sustainable packaging. But at Clayrton’s, we wanted to go one step further in preserving the environment. Our solution? Beet paper ! Composed of 80% paper fiber and 20% beet waste, it offers an original and high-quality alternative to conventional packaging, while paying tribute to our heritage. After all, the Hauts-de-France region is the country’s leading sugar-producing region… Discover our Clayrton’s beet paper rolls.

Ecological advantages

With the Origine France Garantie label, PEFC certified, and 100% recyclable, this innovative floral packaging reduces environmental impact by 16% compared to conventional paper. It also valorizes beet pulp, a residual waste from sugar production. Nothing is wasted, everything is transformed!

Another significant advantage: no chemicals are used in the production of this beet paper, which also requires much less water and energy than traditional paper. A compelling argument to attract environmentally conscious customers.

Aesthetic advantages Pleasant to the touch and available in various shades, our beet paper will surely charm your customers with its soft or intense colors. Whether you are a bouquet maker or a florist, you can easily match it with kraft paper, raffia, tissue paper, or other natural products to unleash your creativity. This allows you to create original and sophisticated floral arrangements !