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Clayrton’s offers a complete package, from design to manufacturing.


A team of 3 designers is in charge of the creation of decors and the development of new products. They work on 2 collections per year, each including about thirty designs. They are then declined on the various supports. In all, nearly 200 new products are released each year. In addition to the seasonal collections, the design team handles custom requests
for customers.

“We are fortunate to collaborate with the trend agency Chlorosphere. It brings us a lot of inspiration in our creations.”

Cécile Le Picaut Creative Manager


No less than 180 references of raw materials are managed. The most common are 35 and 40 micron polypropylene, 60g natural and bleached kraft, and 60g coated paper.
The materials come in the form of large reels, called parent reels. They measure from 4,000 to 9,000 meters in length. A team of 3 supply workers manages the reception of raw materials, storage and supply of the machines.

“What I like best is the supply of the machines. Every day, a dozen or so people
of people waiting for me to arrive to start production. “

Jérémy Courteille Car driver

3. The creation of colors...

The manufacture of the ink begins in the laboratory. The creative department gives the colorist a sample of material or a Pantone number, which realizes the colors thanks to a spectrometer and tests following constraints of opacity, brightness, supports… Once the good formula is found, the colorist realizes a flat of color called dash, which is used for the validation of the tint with the creation and the customer. The formula is then
The formula is then reproduced on a large scale at the ink station, in preparation for printing.

“I work in a position that gives life to the product, while respecting the customer’s constraints, and I control what comes out of the printing plant.”

Stéphane Lecomte Print Shop Manager

4. Until printing

At the printing plant, the hum of the presses never stops. The printers mount the plates, previously ordered by the creative department, on the printing machines.
to print. Like a stamp, they will make the design appear on the roll. These are flexographic printing machines that make up the machine park, each with its own specificities depending on the type of product to be produced.

“A production can be carried out from 3,000 meters, often for personalized ones, and up to more than 50,000 meters for large collection productions.”

Philippe Barbier Printer

5. The planning

The POL department (Planning, Scheduling, Logistics) creates the item codes that trigger orders. The planning department handles production requests from the sales department, seasonal collections and standard designs, by creating “Production Orders”.

“I hold a position that requires responsiveness, needs a good knowledge of the products and how the company works.”

Arnaud Lebrun Planning Assistant

6. Shaping and packaging

Ready-to-use products, mainly for the mass market, are manufactured on machines dedicated to the shaping of rosettes and reams, cases and cones. The automatic winding machines produce rolls from 10 to 500 m, from the mother reels. In the sacking department, we produce: pouches, bags, quadros bouquets and cones in kraft paper. The natural products are developing, facing the ecological stakes and the demand of the market.
The sleeves are manufactured in the Roubaix workshop since 1968.

“The integration of gift wrapping has opened up new perspectives and introduced other working methods. For example, we are managing more and more personalized items.”

Stéphane Lecomte Print Shop Manager

Les manchettes sont fabriquées dans l’atelier roubaisien depuis 1968.

“ L’intégration de l’emballage cadeau a ouvert de nouvelles perspectives et fait découvrir d’autres méthodes de travail. Par exemple, nous gérons de plus en plus de personnalisés.”

Stéphane Lecomte Responsable de l’imprimerie


The 6,000 m² warehouse is located just a few minutes away from the production site. Thanks to this large storage capacity, Clayrton’s can react quickly and get the products to the customers in the shortest possible time. The shipping team works with the major European transport players and provides the best logistical solution for customers.

“On average, we ship 12 tons per day, but before important holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, we can go up to 30 tons.”

Laurent Confrère Warehouse and Shipping Manager


8. La distribution commerciale

Clayrton’s sales force consists of 15 people. The main export countries in Europe are the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Belgium. The flagship products are Rapid’eau (patented system for bouquets with water reserve), kraft paper and fancy polypro. Historically, Clayrton’s has specialized in packaging for the floral market, but has taken the gamble of diversifying into the gift market since 2015.


“I advise, I accompany my clients. I look for new avenues of development by prospecting new markets. I am passionate about my job. Every day is a new challenge.”


Alban Houque Sales Director France


Clayrton’s received a score of 94/100 for the year 2023.
Detail of the score :

  • Pay gap indicator : 39
  • Individual increase rate gap indicator : 35
  • Return from maternity leave indicator : 15
  • High pay indicator : 5