On May 20th, the annual celebration of World Bee Day (or Beeday) takes place, aiming to raise awareness of the significance of bees for biodiversity. Indeed, they play a crucial role in the ecosystem as pollinators and honey producers. However, their population is declining in many parts of the world. Several factors contribute to their decline, such as air and water pollution, destruction of their natural habitats, excessive use of pesticides, and climate change.

This World Day was established by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to emphasize the fact that 75% of the world’s food crops depend on bee pollination. Without them, the production of fruits and vegetables would be significantly affected.

Clayrton’s now has 4 beehives around its warehouse

In a spirit of conservation, Clayrton’s has chosen to place its four beehives at its company site in Roubaix. Committed to sustainability, the company has included its 2,000 worker bees in its workforce for eleven years now, producing around 50 kg of honey each year. With these installations, Clayrton’s seeks to contribute, on its scale, to the preservation of biodiversity.

Highly appreciated by the employees, it is they who invest their efforts in the proper functioning of these beehives, as Mickael attests: “With three other colleagues, I take care of hive maintenance. It’s always fascinating to discover their perfect geometric constructions with each harvest.” The enthusiasm generated by educational and warm events that accompany the harvests is also highly valued internally. During a good season, Clayrton’s can expect two harvests a year: in May and September. These harvests also provide an opportunity to rally around environmental protection.

Just like bees, everyone can make a contribution

It’s essential to note that bee protection isn’t solely the concern of beekeepers and farmers. World Bee Day is therefore an opportunity to remind us of the importance of bees in our daily lives and to underline the urgency of taking action to protect them, which everyone can contribute to, by beautifying their living spaces, avoiding the use of harmful pesticides, or supporting local honey producers.

For World Bee Day, Clayrton’s wishes to highlight the crucial importance of bees for our planet and is committed to doing its part to protect them.