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Cellophane Rolls for flower bouquet

When it comes to creating stunning floral arrangements and adding a touch of elegance to your bouquets, our Cellophane Rolls are the perfect choice. With their simple and neat design, these rolls offer exceptional shine, making your bouquets and floral arrangements truly stand out. Whether you're a professional florist or someone who enjoys arranging flowers at home, our high-quality cellophane rolls will elevate your floral creations to new heights.

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This product is available in :
9 colours

50 to 100 cm


25 to 300 m


30 35 40

 100% recyclable
 Encre à eau
 Origine France

Showcase Your Flowers with Transparency and Elegance

Our Cellophane Rolls are made from high-quality materials that are neutral, transparent, and clear, allowing the natural beauty of your flowers to shine through. The transparent nature of the cellophane creates a captivating and elegant effect, enhancing the visual appeal of any flower display of your liking. Whether you’re wrapping a single stem or creating a full-on bouquet, our cellophane rolls provide a beautiful and protective covering that adds a touch of sophistication to any type of flower.


Versatile and Waterproof Packaging Solution

Not only are our Cellophane Rolls perfect for floral packaging or wrapping, but they also offer versatility and practicality for various other purposes. These rolls are ideal for creating beautiful gift boxes and gift baskets, allowing you to showcase and highlight products intended as gifts. You can use it on different occasions like a wedding as well as for christmas, valentine’s day or even a birthday. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, a bottle of beer, or a beauty product, our cellophane rolls provide a waterproof and protective covering that ensures the safety and presentation of your gifts.

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Eco-Responsibility and Sustainability

At Clayrton’s, we are committed to eco-responsibility and minimizing our ecological impact. Our Cellophane Rolls are made from recyclable materials, making them an environmentally-friendly choice for your floral packaging needs. By choosing our cellophane rolls, you’re not only enhancing your floral creations but also contributing to a sustainable future.

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Wide Range of Sizes, Colors, and Designs for Every Floral Creation

At Clayrton’s, we understand that every floral arrangement is unique and deserves to be wrapped in the perfect cellophane. That’s why we offer a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs for our Cellophane Rolls. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant and eye-catching pink, a romantic and passionate red, or a cheerful and sunny yellow, we have the ideal color to complement your flowers.
In addition to our plain cellophane options, we also offer printed designs that add a touch of personality and charm to your floral creations. Choose from an array of patterns and prints that suit various themes and occasions. If you prefer a classic and versatile look, our clear cellophane is a timeless choice that allows the natural beauty of your flowers to shine through.
Our Cellophane Rolls come in various widths and lengths, giving you the flexibility to wrap bouquets of any size. Whether you’re working on a small handheld bouquet or creating a grand centerpiece, our rolls provide the perfect coverage and protection for your flowers.
With our wide range of sizes, colors, and designs, you can find the ideal cellophane to enhance the presentation and appeal of your floral arrangements. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect match for your artistic vision.

Competitive Pricing and Easy Availability

Clayrton’s offers competitive pricing for our Cellophane Rolls, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. We understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. Additionally, our cellophane rolls are always in stock, ensuring that you have easy access to the packaging materials you need to create beautiful floral arrangements. Check our website to view the availability of different colors and designs to suit your preferences.

Order Your Cellophane Rolls Today

Experience the difference our Cellophane Rolls can make in enhancing the beauty and presentation of your floral creations. With their transparency, elegance, and waterproof properties, our cellophane rolls are the ideal choice for florists, gift shops, and individuals looking to add a special touch to their flower arrangements. Browse our selection of cellophane rolls today and choose the perfect option for your next floral masterpiece.
Embrace the elegance and functionality of Clayrton’s Cellophane Rolls and transform your floral arrangements into works of art. With our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, you can trust that our cellophane rolls will meet and exceed your expectations. Enhance the beauty of your flowers, package your gifts with style, and make a lasting impression with Clayrton’s Cellophane Rolls.

Our tips on using the full potential of our cellophane rolls

To ensure a professional and visually appealing presentation of your floral arrangements, follow these expert tips when using our cellophane roll. First, select the appropriate size roll for your bouquet, ensuring you have enough cellophane to wrap it securely. Unroll the cellophane on a clean surface and gently wrap it around the bouquet, making sure all the flowers are covered. Secure the cellophane with tape or a decorative bow, creating a tight and elegant seal. For an extra touch of creativity, consider adding decorative elements like ribbons or dried flowers to enhance the overall look. Remember that our cellophane provides an extra layer of protection for your bouquet, preserving its freshness and beauty during transportation or display. Lastly, when not in use, store the cellophane roll in a dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its quality.

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To wrap flowers in cellophane, start by selecting a piece of cellophane slightly larger than your bouquet. Place the bouquet in the center of the cellophane and gather the edges together, securing them at the base of the stems. Use a twist tie or a decorative ribbon to secure the cellophane tightly. Trim any excess cellophane for a clean finish.

Using a cellophane roll with flowers offers several benefits. Firstly, cellophane provides a protective barrier that helps to keep the flowers fresh and prevents them from getting damaged during transportation or handling. It also adds an elegant and professional touch to floral arrangements, enhancing their overall presentation. Additionally, cellophane is transparent, allowing the natural beauty of any of your display to shine through, creating a visually appealing display. Lastly, cellophane is available in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing for creative and customized packaging options that suit different occasions and preferences.

No, cellophane is not just plastic wrap. While both cellophane and plastic wrap are used for packaging and preserving items, they are made from different materials. Cellophane is derived from plant cellulose, usually from wood or cotton fibers, making it biodegradable and more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, plastic wrap is typically made from polyethylene, a synthetic material derived from petroleum. Cellophane has a distinct appearance and texture, and it offers unique properties such as transparency and a crinkly texture. So, while cellophane and plastic wrap serve similar purposes, they differ in terms of their composition and characteristics.

Yes, cellophane is an excellent choice for keeping flowers fresh. Its transparent and waterproof nature helps create a protective barrier around the flowers, preventing excess moisture loss and extending their longevity. Cellophane also allows for proper air circulation, ensuring that the flowers can breathe and stay fresh for a longer period. By wrapping your flowers in cellophane, you can enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of your floral arrangements for an extended time.

Both cellophane and paper have their own advantages when it comes to wrapping flowers. Cellophane provides a transparent and sleek look, allowing the natural beauty of the flowers to shine through. It also offers better protection against moisture and has a longer shelf life. On the other hand, paper can add a rustic and eco-friendly touch to the bouquet, and it’s biodegradable. Ultimately, the choice between cellophane and paper depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic for the bouquet.