Kraft Cuffs: A Stylish and Eco-Friendly Alternative for Flower Arrangements

Commonly used as plant pot covers, kraft cuffs have undergone a stylish transformation to enhance your floral compositions. Discover how!

Reinventing the Flower Bouquet! Want to offer a touch of originality to your customers for Mother’s Day? Did you know that you can repurpose kraft cuffs to embellish your floral arrangements?

The result ? Eco-friendly bouquets that stand out and make a statement, without breaking the bank. Follow the guide!

The Importance of Foliage and Decorations in a Flower Bouquet

As a florist, you know better than anyone that the subtle and technical art of bouquet design is not only about combining the right flowers, but also about showcasing their beauty. That’s why it’s important to carefully select foliage and decorative elements. Just like the choice of flowers, these elements will define the shape and style of the bouquet, add texture, and bring in color. Together, all these details will create a structured, balanced, and harmonious composition. Ready to present!

Kraft Cuffs as an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Foliage

Pittosporum, olive, pistachio, chico, or chamaerops… Foliage offers a multitude of possibilities whether you want to create a tall arrangement or a round bouquet. But they can be expensive. “Almost as expensive as the flowers,” explains one of our talented florists, who came up with the idea of repurposing kraft cuffs, usually used to dress up flower pots, as decorative elements.

It’s worth noting that Clayrton’s has recently introduced a unique type of kraft cuffs, which earned them the Innovation Award in September 2022. Made from water-resistant kraft paper with a thickness of 60 gsm, these cuffs are now 100% biodegradable, offering an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing solution with their pleated appearance. “It’s a natural, original, and decorative material that also lasts over time. Imagine such a bouquet with preserved flowers!” rejoices the creator. Discover Clayrton’s range of kraft cuffs.

How to Do It?

According to our witness, creating this unique and innovative floral arrangement is easy:

• Step 1: Make spirals with kraft cuffs.

• Step 2: Assemble these spirals.

• Step 3: Attach everything to a recuit wire structure for better stability.

Highly manageable and easily adaptable to a range of styles from modern to traditional, kraft cuffs are a product that our florist recommends. With their wavy appearance, flexibility, and water resistance, they have it all! Now it’s your turn to play! The possibilities are endless.